• Debby Freedman

    Debby Freedman

  • Chris Agueda

    Chris Agueda

  • Antonio Williams

    Antonio Williams

  • Surina Khan

    Surina Khan

    is the CEO of Women’s Foundation California, which invests in, trains, and connects feminists advancing racial, economic, and gender justice.

  • Lezak Shallat

    Lezak Shallat

  • The Food Trust

    The Food Trust

    The Food Trust, a nonprofit founded in 1992, strives to make healthy food available to all. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat!

  • Third Wave Fund

    Third Wave Fund

    We are a national feminist foundation supporting the vision and leadership of young women and trans people of color.

  • Frances Sheehan

    Frances Sheehan

    Transforming the Coatesville area because we believe everyone deserves to be healthy and to grow up in a vibrant community.

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